New invoicing routines

Information regarding new invoicing routines from 2024-03-01 Due to a new financial system, we have new invoicing routines. Our organization number is 556051-8739 Invoice address: Topbostäder AB Birkarlagatan 12 982 36 Gällivare Reference code: We want the following to be included on your invoices according to reference: Person reference (6 characters) - responsibility (4 characters) - area (3 characters) XXXXXX-XXXX-XXX, example: ANPA50-0012-320 TOPA50-1315-230 In addition to this reference, there must be a label/message indicating what the purchase refers to.

It is particularly important to indicate any apartment number. Invoices without or incorrect reference will not be accepted. E-invoice We use Tieto Sweden (TIETOSE) as a service provider for our e-invoices. We can receive PEPPOL or delivery via VAN provider. PEPPOL address 0007:5560518739 GLN number: 7340109104715 VAN operator: TIETO Sweden In case of problems sending e-invoices, please contact us Contact

The following information must be included on the invoice Invoice number Invoice date Delivery date (the date on which the goods were sold or delivered or the services were performed/completed) Due date (payment terms 30 days) Correct invoice address Bankgiro or plusgiro VAT registration number Organization number Information about the invoicing party (company name, address, telephone and e-mail) Approved for F-tax (if you are approved for F-tax, it must be stated on the invoice) Topbostäder's reference number, as well as the client and in some cases the project number.

Supplier reference Specification of goods/services. It must be clear what the invoice refers to. Remember that the quantity and unit must also be stated, as well as the price excluding VAT and the total. VAT (the current VAT rate and amount) To be paid (total + VAT = total amount) Specification If the invoice covers several different assignments/projects, this must be clearly specified, including the date of execution in descending order.

If the invoice includes work performed by subcontractors, this must be clearly specified with the sum and agreed mark-up and documentation must be attached to the invoice. Attachments If attachments cannot be included with the invoice, it is possible to email the attachments to Payment Unless otherwise agreed, payment is due 30 days after receipt of the invoice. Invoicing and administration fees are not paid. Credit invoice In the case of credit invoices, the same principle applies as for invoicing. The due date must be the same as the debit invoice.