Topbostäder in Gällivare - a world-class Arctic small town 

We are an important player in Gällivare's goal of increasing the population to 20,000 inhabitants. Through our work, we will contribute to Gällivare municipality's long-term attractiveness and profiling. 

Topbostäder AB is a municipally owned public housing company that will meet the needs of the municipality's residents for apartments in a good and safe living environment.

The business shall be characterized by wisdom and foresight for each business area, and be conducted in cooperation with customers and in accordance with the owner's directives.

Topbostäder AB manages just over 2,000 residential apartments and, in addition, commercial premises. Our operations are located in the urban areas of Gällivare and Malmberget. If you want to visit us, you will find our office at Birkarlagatan 12 in Gällivare. The company's workforce currently amounts to about 40 people. 


Parking ban Snöfallsgatan

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New real estate system and website

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Emergency services inform

The emergency services in Gällivare will visit our properties and provide information about fire protection. You as a tenant [...]